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Human Ancestors oldest stone tools found in Kenya, 1.76 million years older than creation

Posted by doctore0 on September 2, 2011

It is getting more and more embarrassing to believe in god(s)

Before gawd, there was man

The world’s earliest sophisticated stone tools have been found near Lake Turkana in northwest Kenya.

The teardrop-shaped hand-axes date to about 1.76 million years ago, and would have been used for a range of tasks from chopping wood to cutting up meat.

They would have been so useful in fact that scientists describe them as the “Swiss army knife” of the Stone Age.

Researchers tell the journal Nature that the tools were probably made by the human ancestor Homo erectus.

This was a bigger-brained, smarter and more dextrous creature than any human species before it.

Homo erectus ranged across Africa and Asia before going extinct about 70,000 years ago. Many suspect it was on the direct evolutionary line to modern humans – Homo sapiens.

Palaeolithic stone tools can be grouped into a number of different styles. The type unearthed at the Kokiselei archaeological site is referred to by anthropologists as Acheulian technology.

Such objects are larger and heavier than the pebble-choppers (Oldowan technology) that were used previously and which are associated with a more primitive human known as Homo habilis.
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5 Responses to “Human Ancestors oldest stone tools found in Kenya, 1.76 million years older than creation”

  1. mcoville said

    Still grasping at any straw that will allow you to try and dismiss the knowledge that there is a God and you will have to answer for every thing you have done in your life? How sad a life it must be chasing after ever little false hope that you won’t have to answer for your sins and then in the end having to do it anyways.

    Oh well, have fun while you can.


    • doctore0 said

      ROFL; “Sorry” gods are man made; You are simply blinded by your own death…


    • Dave said

      Y’know, Mcoville. I can’t recall ever trolling any Xtian sites where I might be inclined to deposit a smarmy comment as you just have. It would never occur to me. Isn’t it odd that sites maintained by those such as Doc are continually barraged with commentary and insults as to their atheist views? How loving and Xtian is that?…… although some do arrive and leave with merely a ‘God Bless You’ and nothing else. (ok)

      “…try and dismiss the knowledge that there is a God…” is a most ridiculous statement. How about you try and prove it in any sense. You know you can’t and recitation of some verse in your holy book proves absolutely nothing. Without viable proof it is only human-history mythology. More on that in a moment. I could counter with a Harry Potter quote which would have no less validity than your own, based upon fact. At least we’re aware Rowling wrote HP yet you haven’t a clue as to who actually wrote the HB. Hmm. Which source, regardless of ideology, is the more reliable in modern times?

      Let me say something to you Mcoville, and I’m sure Doc will bitch-slap me afterwards as he’s a pure worm-food theorist and probably isn’t too keen on anyone in disagreement using his site as a sounding board. 🙂 But…it’s this:

      Possibly there is a God/God-force extant in the universe. NO-ONE living, as we imagine as to what that might be, is privy to that information. Neither you, your Pope, your Church nor the Dalai Llama. It’s all superstition. Maybe, on ‘Judgement Day,’ God might say to me “Hey Mon. Welcome home! Have a smoke! ” I dunno, nor pretend to. You do. The disconcerted ugga-bugga religious doctrines which humanity has spread across the planet, over millenia, cannot disprove that. None of us have a clue…. nor are we intended to.

      Worm food? Total blink-out? Nothing wrong with that either. I could use a Big Sleep.

      Problem being, there are far too many NDE tales. Many being scientifically authenticated as recorded. Trying to debunk them all…..well….redirect your research efforts to debunking UFO’s. There’s only a few million case files you’ll have to sift through as you exercise your skeptic mind in proving they’re all simply mass hallucination. Same thing, or is it?

      Xtian = State of ‘Mass’ hallucination.

      Shucks. Couldn’t resist that one. 😀


    • Snake Monroe said

      Instead of trying to improve life here on Earth, American Chrisitans are obsessed with the afterlife and the downfall of civilization (seriously, they really want this place (USA) to go to Hell in a handbasket and won’t do anything to make it a better place..


  2. Full Piece of writing

    Human Ancestors oldest stone tools found in Kenya, 1.76 million years older than creation « DoctorE


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