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Should the clergy be allowed to advertise their deity at 9/11 memorial in NYC?

Posted by doctore0 on August 26, 2011

Religion gets to advertise for free on yer graves

5 Responses to “Should the clergy be allowed to advertise their deity at 9/11 memorial in NYC?”

  1. Dave said

    Wrong. Got through :57 seconds of this one. Faith and prayer caused the tragedy to begin with, bubba. You’re pissed it just wasn’t yours. You’re equally capable of heinous crimes against humanity yet you hide behind your ‘legitimate’ wars. Many believe you orchestrated this event that you might carry on as to your God-given duty as world-police. Citizens always expendable.


  2. eurobrat said

    It seems like the clergy would be there not so much to advertise their faith as to help comfort the families. While normally I’m against the intermixing of religion and state, in this case I would tend to be lenient.


  3. doctore0 said

    What is this, memorial for gawds failure? This god they want to praise for nothing.. he/it is on both teams, uhh on three teams; Christianity, Judeaism and Islam. The magic books for this imaginary tyrant in the sky is the cause of most horrors in our world, the wars and injustice, for 9/11.
    Why give those who sell this tribal bs free ride all the time, it’s madness.


  4. Dave said

    (Almost) Breaking news:

    “Hurricane Irene has devastated the Virginia Beach headquarters of Pat Robertson’s 700 Club. The CBN studios were destroyed beyond repair. In a brief statement Mr Robertson optimistically stated it to be ‘an act of God’ and simply ‘a test of faith’ , and he plans to rebuild.
    Unlike those pathetic earth-quaked Haitians who had clearly signed ‘a pact with the Devil’, this tragedy, which claimed several lives, is a clear message from God that, more than ever, your contributions are necessary to rebuild this ministry. Bigger, stronger, better.”


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