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Crucifix with a penis: Art exhibit riles Catholics ‎

Posted by doctore0 on August 6, 2011

I am more upset about this Jesus fellow threatening to torture most of humanity for all eternity; Ohh and the child abuse pandemic.

Mr Cruz said his work, which mixes Christ with symbols of pop culture, was a symbol of a patriarchal society where men were ‘worshipped’. But the display has caused uproar among conservative Catholics, who say it is a mockery of their faith.

The Cultural Centre of the Philippines in Manila has been flooded with calls to withdraw the exhibit since it opened in June.

Mr Cruz, a 37-year-old visual and performance artist, added that it was his intention to provoke a reaction but he was surprised at the anger of the response.

‘You can’t force people. But I just hope that when we look at something, the process doesn’t stop at the surface,’ he said.

‘This speaks about objects that we worship, how we create these gods and idols, and how we in turn are created by our gods and idols.’

A number of furious locals have taken to Facebook to vent their anger. One user wrote: ‘May your soul burn to [sic] hell, you Devil pro [sic] artist,’.

Emmanuel Fernandez, a teacher who is a member of the staunchly Catholic social group Knights of Columbus, also opposes the penis crucifix, saying: ‘It is very offensive to the majority, since the majority are Christian. It’s sort of mocking the faith,’.

Roman Catholics make up around 80 per cent of the Philippine population.


BTW.. This is STRAIGHT from the catholic church, not part of that art exhibit.. Huge penis :)

P.S. Perhaps catholic’s should protest their own idol worship; All the statues and shit, forbidden according to the magic book AKA the bible.

4 Responses to “Crucifix with a penis: Art exhibit riles Catholics ‎”

  1. doctore0 said

    More images here:


  2. doctore0 said

    Hmm they look excited about this, not so much over their god being nailed to the cross


  3. doctore0 said

    Forced to close it all down; Still it is ok for Jesus to threaten to torture all of humanity for ever and ever

    MANILA — An art show featuring a poster of Jesus Christ with a wooden penis glued to his face was closed Tuesday after President Benigno Aquino intervened amid threats, vandalism and claims of blasphemy.

    The closure came as a church group in the mainly Catholic country announced it was filing charges against the Cultural Centre of the Philippines over the installation by local artist Mideo Cruz, which it said violated religion.

    Aquino told reporters Tuesday he had called the government-run centre the day before and told its staff he opposed the artwork.

    “I did stress the idea that there are rights but if those rights hurt the rights of others, there is something wrong and that is not covered by the law. I reminded them that there is no freedom that is absolute,” he said.

    The cultural centre said in a statement that threats to its board of directors had increased as media attention to the exhibit sparked religious outrage, prompting them to close the show.
    Read more


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