Turtles all the way down


Posted by doctore0 on July 15, 2011

People in 2011 believe Satan exists.. and gawd; So lame 🙂

5 Responses to “Satan”

  1. Dave said

    Oh blah, blah. The true Satan is Rupert Murdoch. This antiquated slice of human trash should be barred from controlling any media outlet in the civilized world. That this Australian dumb-ass is in control of 80% of American media is obscene. Fox News? The largest and most destructive propaganda machine this country has ever seen, controlled by this iron-fisted roo-rider. If I’m dumb enough to buckle-under to media pressure I’d prefer it be from someone with even a minor concern over national issues. This guy is devoted only to making a buck, at the expense of the weak and stupid everywhere. No country is immune. Revoke all immigration privileges this zillionaire has received and get him the fuck out of here!


  2. Dave said

    One more thing.

    Doc, I’m 100% certain that you’re an advocate of the worm-food theory. Michael Tymn has written a book titled “The Afterlife Revealed”. To date, the most comprehensive ‘death’ study I’ve ever read. Scientifically based and something I’m obsessed with. A reason I comment on sites opposing atypical religious crap. They haven’t a clue, as we know.

    Should you read it, I’d like to hear your opinion. Thanks. Dave.


    • doctore0 said

      Well, I looked the book up, sounds like pure woo to me 🙂
      I personally don’t think about death very much, I can’t escape death… I fully expect the worm-food theory is correct, so there is nothing to be afraid of per se.

      One thing I feel I know for sure, all religions are incorrect, especially the Abrahamic religions, those are pure crapola. 🙂
      If there is something after death, it’s probably something we never imagined, something …. welll 🙂


  3. Dave said

    Yeah, I agree. It’s just that a complete blink-out at the end of days renders the universe a joke. Our existence would be, really, entirely meaningless. Nothing learned, nothing gained. Advantage?….. no-one. Considering size, it seems too mystical, to me, to presuppose such a conclusion.

    Certainly a lot of woo floating around. Separating the maelstrom of ugga-bugga from other possibilities seems more than a life-long task, one we’ll never accomplish. I’ll be happy if only I’m able to make some contribution as to keeping these religious, yes, Abrahamic looney-tunes of every stripe, out of schools and government. (sigh)

    Likely….. all that can be done at present. 🙂 I can only hope to pass it along.



  4. Dave said

    PS……But!……if Gawd is authorizing rebates at Walmart, I’m in, seriously. 🙂


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