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Prayer at graduation nixed by student protest

Posted by doctore0 on May 20, 2011

Keep yer prayers at church/private; Problem solved;  Bible supports it, check it out.

Bastrop, La. —

For the first time ever, prayer will not be part of graduation ceremonies Friday night at Bastrop High School.

Principal Stacey Pullen said the school received an e-mail earlier this week from a student who identified themselves as an atheist.

“They said if we included a traditional prayer in the ceremony that they would contact the (American Civil Liberties Union),” Pullen said. “We asked our attorney about it, and we are making changes to the program.”

Not only are school officials dropping the prayer from the ceremony, they are reprinting programs for the event. Pullen said she was uncertain what would take the place of the prayer in the program.

“We may put something like ‘moment of silent reflection.’ We’re not sure at this time,” Pullen said.

Mitzi Quinn has been on the staff at BHS for almost 25 years, much of that time as a senior advisor. In the past, Quinn said there have been students who were atheist, agnostic and other non-Christian religions who “had no problems” with the prayer.
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