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Jesus on moon sparks doomsday fears in Mumbai

Posted by doctore0 on January 22, 2011

Sigh, humans…
Pic = Random Moon Jeebu$ image
Reports of sightings of the image of Mother Mary and infant Jesus on the moon on Thursday and Friday in Mumbai, Goa and Bihar has fuelled fears about an impending apocalypse.

While priests asked people not to take the issue seriously, the news set off stories about the end of the world. Many saw the images as a message to prepare for doomsday.

Those who saw the image said it was surprisingly clear for a smog-saturated winter evening. Joseph Dias, from Santa Cruz, who saw the image, said, “There was a semblance of a crown on the mother’s head. The image was very dark and it was not difficult to identify it.” In Goa, the relatively pollution-free skies meant that the sightings were more vivid. Apollo D’Souza, a resident of Candolim village, said that he was alerted about the image by a Hindu friend on Thursday night.

“I saw the image at 9.30pm. Even my mother and 8-year-old son could see it clearly. I told neighbours and they thanked me for it,” said D’Souza who works with a firm that delivers cash at bank ATMs. While D’Souza did not think much about the sighting, many of his neighbours saw prophecies in it. “Some said the kingdom of god is near,” he added.

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3 Responses to “Jesus on moon sparks doomsday fears in Mumbai”

  1. Tank said

    So that´s it! Jesus lives on the moon……..


    • doctore0 said

      Then he will jump down and torture billions of people, for all eternity; For not accepting the bible; Thats the story of Jeebu$


  2. oliver said

    Dear I heard India is a land of knowledge. I had nirvana and now I am Vienna meher Baba and 32. reincarnation of Jesus after the life as Avatar Meher Baba and hope soon will be a happy doomsday with a fall of holly spirit over mankind after the news about Jesus, Meher Baba and me got spred …. Yours vienna meher Baba


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