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3.3.3 Atheism – A History of God

Posted by doctore0 on January 8, 2011

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3 Responses to “3.3.3 Atheism – A History of God”

  1. physalis17 said

    Awesome information Doc. I’m sure it would fall on deaf ears if the theists saw this video. They’d be all LA LA LA LA! TEH DEV1L IS LYING TO U! U NEED JEEBU$!


  2. Awesome video, thanks for posting it! I’ve been wanting to do some reading on this subject for a while now, I’ll have to check out the sources mentioned in the video description. I’ve long suspected that the God of Israel was really borrowed from another culture in the area, and I’d seen some people who claimed that the Jews started out as polytheists. I wasn’t aware that some much retconning went on with the scriptures, though!


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