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Pope: New technologies confuse reality and fiction

Posted by doctore0 on October 11, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI said on Thursday that the media’s increasing reliance on images, fuelled by the endless development of new technologies, risked confusing real life with virtual reality.

“New technologies and the progress they bring can make it impossible to distinguish truth from illusion and can lead to confusion between reality and virtual reality,” the pope said.
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Reality.. according to the pope & his magic book.

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5 Responses to “Pope: New technologies confuse reality and fiction”

  1. djnlsn said

    Distinguishing “truth from illusion?” There is most certainly a madman ( apparently, a necessary resume requirement when applying for the position ) at the helm of this ship carrying 2.1 billion humans to their unreward. Your grandchildren will forever continue to be slaughtered in the name of a divinely-inspired doctrine, professed to be the word of God by ones such as the incumbent divinely-inspired asshole pretending to be in direct communication with, and thereby having a greater understanding of, the “facts”.

    Any,and all, comments made by “Benny the Rat” in regard to the human condition are specious. To you believers out there, we atheists/agnostics have no problem with respecting your need/desire to associate with whatever cult you deem fit, but this jackass allows for very little wriggling-room. Poor choice, Christians. You can do better.


  2. Postman said

    Ow! I got smacked by a bit of my exploding irony meter.


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