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Delusional supergroup forms to smite Comedy Central’s Jesus Christ project

Posted by doctore0 on June 2, 2010

You know, it’s not actually Jesus or Muhammad the faith-heads are angry about… they simply don’t want to hear that death is the end.. but it’s the end no matter what they do, they can jump, roll around on the floor, sing lame worship songs, pray(cry) all day long; Nothing will change… they are still going to die like the rest of us; Game over.. their only life wasted on what they can’t have, religion took their only life and destroyed it.

God… it’s only a word and it means: Bwaaaah I don’t want to die. yup the inventors of religion took that fear and renamed it.. God, and it’s big business… but they have nothing to sell, god is nothing, you are buying nothing and you pay with not only money, you pay with your life; Then you die and rot.
You are addicted to life, but you only get one dosage;  Those who sells more hits are swindlers and or insane idiots.
Don’t be angry with me… be angry with those who brainwashed you.. and get out.
It’s not on the air yet. It’s not shot yet. There’s no pilot yet. Hell, there might not even be a script yet.

But Comedy Central developing an animated project about Jesus Christ has the biggest names in the TV watchdog business forming a Super Best Friends protest super-group to preemptively smite the show.

Brent Bozell (president, Media Research Center), Tony Perkins (president, Family Research Council), Michael Medved (talk radio host), Bill Donohue (president, Catholic League), Rabbi Daniel Lapin (American Alliance of Jews and Christians) and, of course, Tim Winter (president, Parents Television Council) are joining forces to form the Coalition Against Religious Bigotry.

That’s right — CARB.

(If only it wasn’t the Coalition of the Religious Against Bigotry because then it could be “CRAB”).
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