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Living Catholic Saint Chilean Abuse Case Tests Loyalty of a Parish

Posted by doctore0 on April 23, 2010

They get angry at the victims.. but in reality it’s the supernatural bribe/threat that turns off their brains.. got to have the luxury in fake hevn.. with the imaginary mass murderer in the sky; Witness the pova of brainwashing.
SANTIAGO, Chile — The Rev. Fernando Karadima is one of Chile’s most respected and influential priests. Some go so far as to call him a “living saint,” who for half a century trained dozens of priests and helped mold thousands of young Catholics from Santiago’s elite.

The Rev. Juan Esteban Morales, who leads the parish once run by Father Karadima, recently offered his support for his predecessor before a Mass.

Now four men who were once devoted followers have filed a criminal complaint alleging that Father Karadima, now 79, sexually abused them in secret for years.

One man said he had reported the abuse to Father Karadima’s superiors in the Archdiocese of Santiago as many as seven years ago, but they took no action. All four men have filed formal complaints with the archdiocesan tribunal and, receiving no response, spoke publicly for the first time this week.

But the allegations have been largely met not with anger at Father Karadima but with outrage at the accusers by many of his parishioners, a prominent conservative politician and church officials. They say a man so respected over so much time could not possibly have abused his followers, though as the news broke this week, a cardinal here confirmed that the church has been secretly investigating claims of sexual abuse leveled against the priest.
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The catholic church has raped the whole world for ~2000 years

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