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Catholic church casts the fake shroud of Turin over child abuse dilemma

Posted by doctore0 on March 29, 2010

Hey look over here; Magic is real, just check out this ultra fake shroud folks
The linen sheet bearing the image of Jesus has captivated the imagination of historians, church chiefs, sceptics and Catholics for more than 500 years.

It is due to go on display for six weeks after Easter and among those who are due to view it are Pope Benedict XVI.
Vatican officials have stressed the event was “spiritual” and not “religious tourism”.

The shroud will be displayed at Turin Cathedral, where it has been kept for more than 500 years, and where it was last on display to the public ten years ago for the Church’s Jubilee Millennium celebration.

At a Vatican press conference Archbishop of Turin, Cardinal Severino Poletto, announced details of the display which will take place at the city’s Cathedral from April 10 to May 23.

Pope Benedict will visit on May 2 and it will be the first time it has been seen in public since before it was restored in 2002 and it will be only the fifth times in the past 100 years that it has been exhibited.

The last exhibition was held from August 12 to October 22, 2000.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Then go and check out the FAKE bones of Joan of Arc
And finally think about FAKE Jeebu$… so much fake it’s almost real 😉

Extra double bonus; The whole world knows about this issue.. been known for years and years and years

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