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RIGHTS-GERMANY: ‘Catholic Church Protects Paedophile Priests’

Posted by doctore0 on March 1, 2010

The largest and oldest paedophile ring in the world strikes again and again and again and again…
See “regular” paedophiles.. you are doing it wrong; You simply have to make up some magic man™ story, promise eternal life™ and shit.. and your ass is covered. Ohh he is a man of the magic man™ in da sky, he can do no evil; Ohh he loves imaginary Jeebu$™ blah blah
Repent + Hail Hitler uhhh Mary BANG = innocent.
BERLIN, Feb 28, 2010 (IPS) – The Catholic Church has for decades protected paedophile priests and clerics who sexually abused children from judiciary prosecution, according to German theologians, law experts, and internal church documents.

The church hierarchy’s complicity was confirmed recently through thousands of denouncements against numerous priests in Germany. In practically all the cases, the abusers were only transferred from one jurisdiction to another and never legally prosecuted.

Similar cases of sexual abuse of children within Catholic schools and other institutions, with impunity for the abusers, have been documented in such countries as Austria, Australia, France, Italy, the Philippines, Spain, and the United States.

In Germany, the denouncements started last January, when Klaus Mertes, director of the Catholic Canisius high school in Berlin, in an open letter addressed to former students, apologised for the sexual abuse priests had inflicted on them in the 1970s and 1980s.

In the letter, Mertes said that he knew “since years” of the abuse, and called them “systematic and years-long.” He also urged the victims to reveal the precise the nature of the abuse and encouraged them to ‘’break the wall of silence” maintained around the cases.

Much attention has fallen on the Canisius high school, managed by the Jesuit order, and rated as one of the best educational institutions in Germany.
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German archbishop says ‘no’ to roundtable on Catholic sex abuse

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2 Responses to “RIGHTS-GERMANY: ‘Catholic Church Protects Paedophile Priests’”

  1. eric said

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty

    Think about it. Forensic science provides a jury with evidence to decide “guilty” beyond reasonable doubt.
    Many paedophile cases lack “hard” evidence such as that provided by forensic science. When many complaints are levied at the same person then it is most likely that the person is guilty of paedophile activity. A boy of fourteen or younger is anti -authoritarian at school. In days of corporal punishment he gets the strap or cane. Nursing a grudge, he awaits his opportunity. After some years of maturity he consults legal books to discover that he can be compensated and accuses the priest or religios teacher of sex abuse. Where is the “hard” evidence?
    Even in the event of the comlaint being levied immediately at the time of alleged abuse justice prohibits a lynch court.
    Hence Pope Benedict XVI’s dilemma. It follows that compensations were paid by giving the victims the benefit of the doubt.


    • doctore0 said

      Tens/hundreds of thousands cases worldwide… There is no doubt, they did do everything to cover it up; They moved pedo-priests around the globe;.. it’s all clear.
      Any other business would be shut down long time ago, the members thrown in jail; Only under the umbrella of religion is this massive abuse possible.


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