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Catholics and the feast of the skeletor tongue

Posted by doctore0 on February 18, 2010

The creators of the Jeebu$™ fable are celebrating yet another scam.. as usually they where fiddling around in the graveyard for marketing purposes.. they supernaturally dug up some old priests grave, who had been in the grave for 30 years.. and what did they “find”, the poisonous tongue of the priest was still intact BANG they ran to the church and told the flock of sheep.. The tongue was intact, the tongue was intact; Magic is real, it’s a sign from the master of the universe; Come and worship the Skeletor idol; Join us or burn. 😉

About 200,000 devoted pilgrims will pass by the skeletal remains of St. Anthony of Padua this week.

The saint’s bones are on display until Saturday in a glass case in the chapel of his tomb in the Basilica of Saint Anthony in Padua, Italy, in honour of the anniversary of the transfer of his remains to his final resting place in the Chapel of the Relics in February 1350. The anniversary is known as the “feast of the tongue.”

St. Anthony, the patron saint of Padua, is known for his gifts as a preacher. When his coffin was moved 30 years after his death, his tongue was discovered intact – a sign of his oratorical gifts. The tongue was then kept in a separate reliquary.

The saint’s remains were last displayed in 1981, according to Neil MacCarthy, director of communications for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto.
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9 Responses to “Catholics and the feast of the skeletor tongue”

  1. aidan pidgeon said

    I have to laugh as some people’s sense of Humour its so surppose to be so funny yet its insulting what they are saying like some of the comments set on this page,why are other Religions never joked about or even Slagged off like the Christian- Catholic Faith,as a praciticing Catholic from Dublin Ireland it saddends me to read such rubbish that many people right,yet as Christians our Faith the Faith that was given to us by God we are still around today well over since the beginning, what other Faith believes in the Death and Resurrection of of Our Lord Jesus Christ a man who died for all our Sins to give us a second chance to enter into His Kingdom,i feel so sad for the many non believers,yes we have our troubles with the Church but we are not the only ones,we can’t judge what has happend,on Judgement day Jesus will pass the Judgement on all of us and God help so many of us when we see what will happen
    God Bless


    • doctore0 said

      I would be disrespecting you as a person if I respected the religion you are in.
      All religions are scams, all gods are fake, religions are man made tools of control.


      • Aidan Pidgeon said

        There is only one God not God’s first commandment thou shall not have any Gods before me.
        There is prove the miracles of the Eucharist and incorrupt bodies that have not decayed, St Bernadette, St.Catherine Laboure, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, St.Paula Frassinetti and St Maria Goretti, we have parts of Holy Cross Our Lord died on , The spear head that speared His side,
        There is prove and with the internet you can read about if u still don’t want to believe I honestly feel sad and sorry for you.
        I will leave for u and hope u will find Our Lady and Our Lord soon.
        God Bless


      • doctore0 said

        Show me some evidence, as it is there is nothing that says god is real11


      • aidanpidgeon said

        There is the evidence of the Incorrupt bodies that are to show us life after death and then there is the evidence of the MIracles of the Eucharist, that show us that when the priest blesses the bread and water/wine that it truly changes into Our Lords Body and HIs Blood, we have it on the internet, as for ur really last login u said all religions are scams, yes i agree all bar the Catholic faith as we have Our Lord God who came from Heaven on to earth to with us for 33 years and alot of saints only live for 33 years also.
        As the X-files said we have the truth, but u have to look and find
        aidan pidgeon ill mail u what is true if u want


  2. aidanpidgeon said

    Also where do you find the idea that God is not real, where have u gone to find anything, i guess ur not practicing ur faith, you have to search to find the truth, its not easy today as you read a paper or radio or even the TV you will never find anythig positive to say or hear from or about the church, they will highly criticise the Church, but that is now the time we are living in, people will say there is no God,

    John 20:26-29

    New International Version (NIV)

    26 A week later his disciples were in the house again, and Thomas was with them. Though the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!” 27 Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”

    28 Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”

    29 Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”
    There is Evidence to show that God did excist and we see from the Miracles of the Eucharist and the Incorrupt bodies to prove that there is life after death when you consider that so many of these bodies have not decayed in over 150 years, saint catherine Laboure or saint Bernadette or saint Paula Frassinetti, none of these saints bodies have decayed since their bodies were exhumed so it shows us life after death excites.
    But you have to look at this prove or even visit the likes of Lourdes or Medjugorje to see that Our Lord and Our Lady truly do Exist and you have to ask urself why do thousands of people these place every day.


    • doctore0 said

      The Lourdes is nothing but pure scam, appeal to popularity says nothing, people do lot’s of silly things, that does not prove it is correct/valid.

      Quoting the bible will not get you far in proving god exists, show me some real hardcore evidence.. but alas you can’t, all you have is wishful thinking, denial of death being our final destination… but it will happen to you and me. Game over, so don’t waste you life chasing scams/religion.


      • aidanpidgeon said

        The Miracles of the Eucharist and the Incorrupt bodies is prove, parts of the Holy Cross are still around, the stair case that Pilate sentanced Our Lord to death we have near St.John Latern in Rome, we have prove but you ahve to do ur bit and search.


      • doctore0 said

        The bible is like “Nigerian email” from the past.. one big scam! You have no evidence, zero. Just wishful thinking


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