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Girl buried alive in honor killing in Turkey

Posted by doctore0 on February 5, 2010

Religion of peace doing it again… honor killing, protecting the honor of the family; Give me a break; What this is about is protecting the fake ticket to eternal luxury in fake hevn.
It’s about greed and fear, that’s how religion does it’s scam.
A 16-year-old girl was buried alive by relatives in southeastern Turkey in a gruesome honor killing carried out because she reportedly befriended boys, the Anatolia news agency reported Thursday.

Acting on a tip, police discovered the body of the girl, identified only as M.M., in a sitting position with her hands tied, in a 2-meter-deep hole dug under a chicken pen outside her house in Kahta, a town in the southeastern province of Adıyaman, the news agency reported.

The body was found in December, around 40 days after M.M. went missing. She is being identified by her initials because she was under the age of 18. Her father and grandfather are suspected in the murder.

A subsequent postmortem examination revealed that M.M. had a significant amount of soil in her lungs and stomach, indicating that she was buried alive and conscious, forensic experts told the news agency. “The autopsy result is blood-curdling. According to our findings, the girl – who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood – was alive and fully conscious when she was buried,” one anonymous expert said.
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No, your bible is no better… it clearly says to kill unruly children.

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2 Responses to “Girl buried alive in honor killing in Turkey”

  1. Lucy Lowe said

    Oh how fortunate little ladies like myself are to have men like this to protect our honour. Because honour is the right word. It isn’t about ego. It isn’t about the father and grandfather worrying about how they are perceived by other men. It’s not about them fearing being laughed at, mocked, and absolutely has nothing to do with their teeny tiny private parts and insecurities about them.

    It’s about honour.

    It’s about the glory of God.

    It’s about standing up for your beliefs and not being swayed from them even as your own child screams and sobs and begs as the soil you shovel over her fills her lungs.

    It takes courage and conviction to pass off such cowardice as honour. The sort of courage and conviction that can only come from knowing God is on your side.

    Thankyou for posting this.


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