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Bill O’Reilly Reports on Atheist “Anti-God” Ads – 12/03/09

Posted by doctore0 on December 5, 2009

O’Reilly can’t be good for goodness sake, he needs reward… which he thinks gawd will give to him for being a pain in the ass.
Happy solstice.. or festivus, remember that the christians are the one’s who placed Jebu$ birthday on this date, to kill pagan festivals.
It’s the christians who are jealous, selfish and crazy; It’s like they have a christmas tree up their ass 🙂

One Response to “Bill O’Reilly Reports on Atheist “Anti-God” Ads – 12/03/09”

  1. Lune said

    It’s difficult to believe that these people are so myopic that they failed to see the purpose of the ad. Since they are incapable of empathy, everything has to be all about them, doesn’t it? Bill is obviously ignorant of the fact that Christians started giving gifts at Christmas as an adoption of the practices of the cultures where they started, and Jews give gifts at Chanukah simply because of its proximity to Christmas.


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