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Experts: Bishops covered up priests’ child abuse

Posted by doctore0 on November 26, 2009

How many victims worldwide.. also remember that the current pope played a huge role in the cover up.. imagine he is respected all over the world, welcomed.. can you imagine that.
Also remember this church is the creator of the Jebu$ myth.. yup, it’s all made up to control people.


DUBLIN — The Roman Catholic Church in Dublin covered up decades of child abuse committed by priests because bishops wanted to protect the church’s reputation at the expense of victims, an expert commission reported Thursday after a three-year probe into previously secret church records.

Abuse victims said they welcomed publication of the probe into the mishandling of 1975-2004 child-abuse cases in the Dublin Archdiocese, home to a quarter of Ireland’s 4 million Catholics. But they said government and church leaders still had far to go to compensate for past wrongs.

The government said the investigation “shows clearly that a systemic, calculated perversion of power and trust was visited on helpless and innocent children in the archdiocese.”

“The perpetrators must continue to be brought to justice, and the people of Ireland must know that this can never happen again,” said the government, which also apologized for the state’s failure to hold church authorities accountable to the law.

This is the second major government-ordered report this year exploring how and why Irish authorities permitted widespread abuse of boys and girls at the hands of the Catholic Church throughout most of the 20th century, the gravest scandal in the history of independent Ireland.

Thursday’s 720-page report — delivered to the government in July — analyzes the cases of 46 priests against whom 320 complaints were filed. The 46 were selected from more than 150 Dublin priests implicated in molesting or raping boys and girls since 1940.

The report named 11 priests because they all were convicted of child abuse. But 33 others were referred to only by one-name aliases, and two others had their names blanked out after the Dublin High Court ruled that publication would prejudice their chances of receiving a fair criminal trial.

Investigators spent three years poring over 60,000 previously secret Dublin church files. They were handed over by Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, a veteran Vatican diplomat appointed to Dublin in 2004 with a brief to confront the scandal once and for all. Among the files were more than 5,500 that Martin’s predecessor, retired Cardinal Desmond Connell, tried to keep locked in the archbishop’s private vault.

The investigators, led by a judge and two lawyers, said they had no doubt that the 46 priests were responsible for abusing many more than 320 children.

“One priest admitted to sexually abusing over 100 children, while another accepted that he had abused on a fortnightly basis during the currency of his ministry which lasted for over 25 years,” they wrote.



2 Responses to “Experts: Bishops covered up priests’ child abuse”

  1. Jon Steinar said

    “One priest admitted to sexually abusing over 100 children, while another accepted that he had abused on a fortnightly basis during the currency of his ministry which lasted for over 25 years,” they wrote.

    Fortnight is two weeks. That means 24 kid a year for 25 years. That is about 600 kids by one man and he is probably not exaggerating. This makes me want to throw up.


    • doctore0 said

      What’s even more sick is the sheep who still hang in the catholic church… I really don’t know who is more sick.. all those people looking the other way coz they want the fake hevn


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