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The Cell – The Hidden Kingdom

Posted by doctore0 on September 25, 2009

Dr Adam Rutherford introduces a new three-part series that tells the extraordinary story of the scientific quest to discover the secrets of the cell and of life itself. Every living thing is made of cells, microscopic building blocks of almost unimaginable power and complexity.

The first part explores how centuries of scientific and religious dogma were overturned by the earliest discoveries of the existence of cells, and how scientists came to realise that there was, literally, more to life than meets the eye.

What is life and where does it come from? are two of the key questions asked by Rutherford. Well chief among the stars of this opening episode is 17th-century Dutch linen merchant Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, now known as the father of microbiology, whose work on an amazing viewing machine (an early microscope) transformed the way we see the world, and kicked off the journey to answering that question about where life came from.

The Cell – The Chemistry of life

The Cell – The spark of life

3 Responses to “The Cell – The Hidden Kingdom”

  1. Jón Steinar said

    The best natural documentary series I have yet seen. Pure genius.


  2. Quite a sublime series. He is noticeably obsessed with himself (who isn´t), but fortunately it does not obscure the narrative.
    Takk for pointing this out.


  3. doctore0 said

    Yea this is great stuff, not to be missed!!!


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