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Crucifixion Controversy: Lee deputies order “Jesus” down from the cross

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 22, 2014

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Michigan Mayor Bans Atheist City Hall Display to Not Upset Christian “Prayer Station”

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 18, 2014

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Creationist Cosmos

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 17, 2014

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Perfect Double Standard

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 14, 2014

We are often told of the Abrahamic God’s perfect moral standard, but this is a standard God Himself does not follow, a double standard, as clearly evidenced in the bible. So, if God is not subject to His own standard of perfect goodness, how can He possibly be defined as perfectly good?

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Preacher demonstrates at ASU with ‘You Deserve Rape’ sign

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 14, 2014

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You Have Been Watching! Religion

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 14, 2014

Religion is the topic in this segment of You Have Been Watching!, the British panel game show.

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French priest charged with rape, torture during exorcisms

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 10, 2014

Versailles, France: A priest in an ultra-conservative Catholic sect has been charged with rape and torture for acts allegedly committed during exorcisms involving three schoolteachers.

Versailles prosecutor Vincent Lesclous told AFP the 40-year-old priest with the Society of Saint Pius X, whose identity has not been released to protect the victims, was charged on Wednesday and is being held without bail.

He is facing charges of aggravated rape, torture and “committing barbarous acts” for the alleged assaults on three teachers at a private religious school in the western suburbs of Paris.

The prosecutor refused to provide further details, but newspaper Le Parisien reported on Thursday that the assaults took place in the autumn of 2010 at the Notre-Dame de la Sablonniere school run by the sect.

It alleged he had first raped one teacher during an exorcism to purge her of the “evil” from a previous sexual assault.

He then used his “spiritual influence” to convince two other female teachers to undergo similar exorcisms, Le Parisien said.
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Westboro Baptist Church chased out of Oklahoma town

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 9, 2014

‘Leaving in a hurry,’ hundreds of residents chase Westboro protesters out of Oklahoma town

MOORE, Okla. – Hundreds of Moore residents lined Broadway across from Central Junior High Sunday afternoon.

They were ready and waiting for members of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church.

Members of that church have long contended that God hates homosexuality and America’s tolerance of homosexuality.

They also claim that he sends disasters as punishment.

Church members had a permit to picket in front of the school, which has been housing Plaza Towers Elementary students since last year’s deadly tornado.

According to the Westboro website, they contend that God sent that tornado as retribution against Moore.

Amanda Eccles said, “It’s just sickening. You know, it’s just innocent kids that lost lives and it’s sickening for them to even think that way.”

Kristy Hensley said, “They’re judging us because they think that, you know, we deserve what we got you know. But you know, their judgement day will come.”

Westboro’s permit to picket was for half an hour.

They had been there a mere eight minutes when several people took matters into their own hands.
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Bedtime Bible Stories

Posted by Mr DoctorE on April 7, 2014

America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, reads her children Bible-based bedtime stories — and realizes that, with all its gratuitous violence and pornography, if God hadn’t written the Bible, Conservative Christians would be trying to keep it OUT of public libraries not IN to public schools!

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Church pushes oil cure-all scam

Posted by Mr DoctorE on March 28, 2014

An evangelical church is marketing olive oil as a part of a religious cure-all treatment for everything from tumours and schizophrenia to relationship problems.

The event this Sunday, promoted through a mass mail drop in Auckland, is pitched as “the unique opportunity for those of you in need of a miracle”.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God says its “holy oil” – olive oil purported to have been blessed at the sites of biblical miracles in Israel – has helped to cure tumours, mental illness, stomach and bladder problems, marriage difficulties, strokes and heart defects.

When pushed by the Herald for evidence, Bishop Victor Silva said the oil could not cure illness. Using it was an act of faith, he said, and faith could help in the restorative process.

However, the eight-page newsletter distributed in the mail drop claimed the oil had helped to fix people in situations where doctors had been unsuccessful.

“The Holy Oil was chosen by God as an instrument of faith to heal the sick,” the newsletter said.

“Learn how to use it to anoint the sick, the emotionally depressed, your loved ones and family, your workplace and objects that represent difficulties or challenges in your life.”
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This guy made millions on scams like this….

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