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Catholic bishop spends €350,000 on wardrobes

Posted by Mr DoctorE on October 13, 2013

Gawd wants money Ugga Bugga

Gawd wants money Ugga Bugga

The lavish lifestyle of a bishop who is spending €31 million on building a new headquarters in west Germany was exposed on Friday, when it emerged he has spent €783,000 on a garden, €25,000 on a table and €15,000 on a bath tub.

The bishop of Limburg, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, has been heavily criticized for the luxurious complex being built next to Limburg Cathedral in the state of Hesse. Earlier this week it emerged the costs had overrun by ten times the initial estimate from around €3 million to €31 million.

And on Friday Bild newspaper published a breakdown of the costs of the pricey project. They include €350,000 on built-in-wardrobes, €25,000 on a conference table and €783,000 on a garden.

His own apartment in the complex is costing €3 million with €478,000 going on furnishings. Guest rooms will cost €1.1 million and the new chapel €2.67 million.

The Nassauische Neue Presse newspaper also reported on Wednesday that the bishop’s bathtub cost €15,000.

Although the money is coming from church funds, the bishop has been criticized for setting a poor example.

The 53-year-old has defended himself. He told the Bild on Wednesday: “Those who know me, know that I don’t need any kind of grandiose lifestyle.”
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Serial Rapist Philadelphia Priest

Posted by Mr DoctorE on October 5, 2013

Father Robert Brennan

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Priest jailed after being caught with pantsless boy, police say

Posted by Mr DoctorE on September 22, 2013


SCRANTON, Pa. — A Catholic priest whose ministry included counseling troubled youths is facing charges in northeastern Pennsylvania after police say he admitted to sex acts with a 15-year-old boy.

The Rev. William Paulish was in Lackawanna County prison, unable to post $50,000 bail Friday. The charges include corruption of a minor, indecent exposure, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent assault and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person under 16. Court records did not list a lawyer for Paulish.

The Times-Tribune of Scranton reported that Paulish, 56, has been reassigned 15 times by the Diocese of Scranton after being ordained in 1988 and has had three separate leaves of absence.

The diocese did not respond to the newspaper's requests to explain the reassignments and absences. In a press release, the diocese said it removed Paulish from his assignment as assistant pastor at Prince of Peace Parish in Old Forge and suspended his ability to work as a priest.

Paulish and the boy were caught by Dunmore police after Penn State Worthington Scranton security guards reported the priest's car as suspicious when they saw it Thursday night parked near the tennis courts.

The boy did not have pants on when police arrived and both later admitted to performing sex acts, police said. Paulish told investigators that he arranged the meeting through an ad he posted on Craigslist, police said.

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Researchers Find Fecal Matter In Most Catholic Church Holy Water

Posted by Mr DoctorE on September 19, 2013

Salt is more powerful than gawd :)

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Texas student wins scholarship after outing teacher for comparing atheism to smoking

Posted by Mr DoctorE on September 18, 2013

A student recently told a group of humanists in Texas in that she won a scholarship by standing up for her beliefs after her high school teacher compared atheism to smoking cigarettes.

At a Humanists of Houston meeting last week, 19-year-old Sara Elizabeth Sheppard explained that she decided to use her cell phone to record her high school economics professor after he “started to talk about religion in an inappropriate manner.”

During the one lecture, the teacher claimed that atheism was against human nature, and that “the mind rejects the concept of atheism” just like the body rejects smoking. The next week, he taught a lesson advocating prayer for a positive state of mind.

Sheppard provided the recordings to the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), which contacted the Katy school district. The school superintendent replied with a letter thanking Sheppard and FFRF.

“We have conducted a thorough investigation and have taken appropriate action,” the letter said.

A friend who was in the same class the next semester told Sheppard that the teacher had said that she “took away his right to talk about Jesus.”
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Sara Elizabeth Sheppard @ Humanists of Houston August 2013

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‘The poor are lying, drug-abusing illegitimates’: Catholic priest’s astonishing attack on homeless

Posted by Mr DoctorE on September 9, 2013

Business as usual…

political-pictures-benedict-bartholomew-starving-peopleAn outspoken Catholic priest has launched an astonishing attack on the poor by labeling them ‘lying, drug-abusing illegitimates’.

Father Ray Blake wrote a furious blog denouncing the homeless, in an online post titled, ‘The Trouble With The Poor’.

He describes the poor as being ‘lying and messy’ people sent by God to test his faith.

Father Blake goes on to claim that one homeless man who regularly turned up at his church pleading for money was ‘an irritating little bastard’.

He accused the beggar of making a mess of his prayers as he passed his cap around his congregation looking for cash.

The controversial Catholic cleric said: ‘The trouble with the poor is that they are messy.

‘There is a secluded area between the church and our hall, a passage, occasionally we find someone has got a few cardboard boxes together and has slept there, and if it has been raining leaves a sodden blanket, cardboard there to be cleaned up.

‘Often it also smells of urine and there is often excrement there and sometimes a used needle or two.’

Father Blake describes how the destitute ‘ring the door bell at every hour of the day and night’ and ‘tell lies’ to get cash.

And he singles out one homeless man who interrupts his services by launching his own collection.

He writes: ‘During the silence of the Canon the man will pray aloud: ‘Jesus, I want you to bless Father Ray and God, can you persuade the good people here to give to the poor – I am poor’.

‘Unchecked he will take his cap off and have a collection. It makes a mess of our prayers – it stops some coming to Mass here.’
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Priest Rapes 14-Year-Old on Church Property

Posted by Mr DoctorE on August 22, 2013

Surprise… not

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What religion has contributed to the world this month – Episode 9 (July-August 2013)

Posted by Mr DoctorE on August 20, 2013

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Are atheists smarter than religios people?

Posted by Mr DoctorE on August 19, 2013

BBC One 18 August 2013

P.S. Religion is stupid.. Fact! :)

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High Ranking Priest Has Sex w/ Prostitute in Cemetery

Posted by Mr DoctorE on August 6, 2013

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