There is no god, only religion

14 glorious minutes of religious people getting served by Richard Dawkins

Posted by doctore0 on November 17, 2014

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Samson Da Barbarian

Posted by doctore0 on November 14, 2014

Long ago, God gave supernatural strength to a mass-murdering psychopath. This is his story, the story of Samson Da Barbarian (aka Judges 13-16)

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Orange school officials discuss religious material on campus

Posted by doctore0 on November 14, 2014


A push to bring Satan into schools has Orange County school leaders reconsidering a district policy on religious materials on campus

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Religion infiltrating politics is 21st century’s greatest problem – Nobel laureate Sir Kroto

Posted by doctore0 on November 11, 2014

The separation of religion and state is held as the hallmark of modern society, and as the recent rise of ISIS highlighted, great evils are still being committed in the name of religion. Is Islam compatible with democracy, and what are the dangers of mystical thinking insinuating into political decision making? Oksana is joined by Nobel Prize laureate Sir Harrold Kroto to shed light on these issues.

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Jury: Faith Healing Parents Guilty of Manslaughter

Posted by doctore0 on November 11, 2014

In da name of ze Lard.. I have the moneyALBANY, Ore. — After four hours of deliberating Monday evening, a Linn County jury found both Wenona and Travis Rossiter guilty of manslaughter in the first and second degree.

The couple is accused of recklessly and negligently causing the death of their 12-year-old daughter Syble last year, who died from diabetic ketoacidosis. The state argues the parents should have been aware of the girl’s health problems, and that a reasonable person would have sought medical care. The Rossiters claim they thought their daughter had the flu, which is why they did not bring her to a doctor.

The state also presented testimony to the jury that indicates the Rossiters belong to the Church of the First Born in Brownsville, a group that believes in faith-healing. Though Travis Rossiter says in his police interview that he believes it is a sin to see a doctor, Wenona Rossiter testified on Monday that the case was not a question of their religion because they were not aware that Syble had type one diabetes. She also told the jury that she once before took her husband to the emergency room.

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The Evil God Challenge

Posted by doctore0 on November 10, 2014

Stephen Law lays out an interesting new argument that can be used against anyone who believes in an all-good god. This argument shows that a maximally good god cannot be established to be any more probable than a maximally evil god. Believers will generally reject the evil god hypothesis as absurd, but since there is such perfect symmetry in the arguments used defending the character each type of god, if theists are willing to reject the evil god hypothesis on the basis of counter evidence (the problem of good), they should be willing to reject the good god hypothesis as well.


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Tracy High School Student Disciplined For Omitting ‘Under God’ From Pledge Of Allegiance

Posted by doctore0 on November 10, 2014

A Tracy high-school student is in hot water after omitting the words “under God” from his reading of the Pledge of Allegiance.

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MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN

Posted by doctore0 on November 10, 2014

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Atheist scientist claims religion will be gone in a generation.

Posted by doctore0 on November 7, 2014

Religion can be eradicated in one generation?

That’s according to atheist scientist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss, who recently stoked controversy with comments suggesting that religion could disappear in the near future if schools gave students the tools to determine as much.

“What we need to do is present comparative religion as a bunch of interesting historical anecdotes, and show the silly reasons why they did what they did,” Krauss said at an Aug. 29 dinner presentation on cosmology and education at the Victorian Skeptics Cafe in Melbourne, Australia, in response to a question about religion being taught in schools. The video of his response was uploaded on Monday to YouTube.

“People say, ‘Well, religion has been around since the dawn of man. You’ll never change that,’” said Krauss, who the Foundation Professor of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University. He argued that religion will go the way of slavery and opposition to gay marriage.

“This issue of gay marriage, it is going to go away, because if you’re a child, a 13-year-old, they can’t understand what the issue is,” he continued. ”It’s gone. One generation is all it takes.”
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A day off for ‘Festivus’? It could happen

Posted by doctore0 on November 6, 2014

MUKILTEO, Wash. — Seinfeld popularized “Festivus” as a mock holiday for all those who don’t follow traditional religions. Now, a new state law could actually force bosses to give public employees the day off for that, and just about anything else deemed a “day of faith.”

While most Americans automatically get time off on Christmas or during Hanukkah, other traditions aren’t always so lucky. To remedy that, lawmakers in Olympia passed a new law giving all public employees two unpaid days off from work for religious observances. The law went into effect in June and it begs the question, what constitutes a religion?

“It could be Festivus,” said Mukilteo city council president Randy Lord. “It isn’t up to me to determine what religion is good or bad.”

Lord said the law poses plenty of problems for public employers. Many municipalities already operate at minimum staffing levels to keep their budgets down. That means even though the two new holidays are unpaid, cities, school districts police departments and fire departments will all likely end up paying someone to fill those shifts. The law does not define what a religion is. It does say that workers can be denied time off if it poses a “hardship” for the employer, but no examples are given to define that term.

Right now, Mukilteo is working on a city policy to make sure there are no impromptu holiday celebrations.

“We need to make sure it’s within our existing time off policies,” said Lord. “That way no one shows up on a sunny day and calls it a religious day. That would just wreak havoc.”
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